Meet The 89Agave Team: Jamie Kivisto

Meet The 89Agave Team: Jamie Kivisto

This month, we’re highlighting Jamie Kivisto – an excellent and energetic bartender who has been with us for a little over a year. Learn more about Jamie via our interview below, then stop by and say hi!

Name: Jamie Kivisto

Position: Bartender

Favorite Color: Windsor Blue

How long in Sedona: 1 year

How long at 89Agave: 1 year

Funny/most memorable story about 89Agave: Honestly, most of our funny stories are inappropriate to share 😉 I just really enjoy that the 89Agave team is like a family and we have a lot of fun in the back of the house, yet, are equally professional when we’re working with our guests.

Guacamole or Salsa? Salsa

Margarita on the rocks or blended? On the rocks

What’s your favorite dish on the 89Agave menu that you could eat everyday? Fish Tacos

If you were going to eat just appetizers for a meal, what would they be? Nachos

What is your favorite Sedona hike? I like hiking the Doe Mountain because it has a 360° views of Sedona & West Sedona. You can even see Cottonwood!

After a long day hiking, what do you crave? (Beer/Tequila/Enchiladas) All of the above.

What’s your favorite channel on TV? National Geographic

When you’re dining, would you rather sit at the bar or a table? I’d sit at the bar, as a good service is guaranteed.

What’s your second favorite restaurant in Sedona? India Palace. It serves good food and is the only Indian restaurant in the Sedona area.

Best place to watch the sunset? Schnebly Hill

Most romantic spot in Sedona? I find it very romantic to go on a walk by/in the creek.

Favorite creek access? I like to access the creek at Red Crossing

What’s the most exciting thing about the renewal? The new look made the restaurant more modern and fresh. Also, it’s exciting that we’re allowed to show our tattoos now!

What’s your favorite selfie-spot in Sedona? I’d recommend the Upper Red Rock Loop Road! I love it!