Spice Up Your Sedona Visit with Cinnamon Infused Tequila

Spice Up Your Sedona Visit with Cinnamon Infused Tequila

Do you have a passion for tequila or feel like experiencing something new, like cinnamon infused tequila? You’ve come to the right place!

With a collection of over 60 tequilas, 89Agave, as the name indicates, stands for the desire to share our passion for tequila with Sedona visitors as well as the community. General Manager, Jordan Rogers, has an in-depth knowledge about tequila and tequila infusions. He loves to experiment with infusions and recently created loquat, green apple and plumb cherries infused tequilas. Today, we are focusing on 89Agave’s cinnamon infused Reposado and its infusion process. Jordan compiled everything you need to know to easily replicate this infusion at home.

Cinnamon Orange Margarita

What is the name of the infusion? Cinnamon Infused Reposado

What was your inspiration in regards to infusing tequila with cinnamon? Cinnamon has become a popular flavor of premade flavored spirits, particularly whiskeys.  I’ve tried several cinnamon tequilas, but was dissatisfied with the sweet and artificial character of the blends. So I decided to try making one myself.

What is the infusion process?
We create this infusion with both raw and cooked cinnamon.  We start by infusing raw cinnamon with 100% Agave Reposado tequila.  Raw cinnamon creates the familiar flavor that we recognize in cinnamon gum. We balance the raw cinnamon spice with a second blend of a cooked cinnamon infusion.  Cooked cinnamon is rich and sweet.  The cooked blend is made by simmering cinnamon, water, 100% organic agave nectar, and Reposado tequila for several hours; reducing the mix to a sweet rich syrup.

How long should the tequila be infused?
Raw cinnamon should be infused for 3 hours; cooked cinnamon infuses about 2 hours. Then, once mixed, another 24 hours together.

What type of tequila do you use for the infusion?
We usually use 100% Agave Reposado, preferably an Agave grown in rich highland.

Can you use different types of tequila and expect similar results?
Reposado is the best because it will offer a hardy backing to support the cinnamon and agave nectar.  Some Anejos would also work well.

How does a different type of tequila change the taste? 
A blanco will create a shallow backing for the bold agave and cooked cinnamon.  I would definitely recommend at least a Reposado with rich sugar content, aged either in new white oak, or in a used bourbon barrel.  

Are there potential safety hazards when infusing the tequila?
Yes, Tequila is flammable when being heated. Use extreme caution to not disrupt the blend while it is being cooked.  Use a deep pot and have a pot lid on hand to cover the mix in the event that it catches fire.

In which margaritas do you use this infused tequila?
We feature the cinnamon infusion in our Orange Cinnamon Margarita. However, this infusion is more popular as a shot, especially as an alternative to Fireball.  

Do you recommend this infusion with a specific taste profile?
This is a great fall and rainy day margarita.  It pairs well with Chicken Mole.

How long have you offered this tequila at 89Agave?
We have been making this infusion for about 2 years.

Is it a guest favorite?
While the margarita is well received by our guests, the tequila is most popular as a shot.