Kick off the Holiday Season With Apple Cider Infused Tequila

Kick off the Holiday Season With Apple Cider Infused Tequila

Beautiful fall is upon us; the leaves are changing color, the weather is becoming more crisp and the smell of hot apple cider is in the air. To complement this season, we created a special Apple Cider Infused Tequila. The taste of sweet apples in combination with cinnamon and cloves guarantees an apple cider sensation with every sip you take. This infused tequila is so smooth you barely taste the alcohol and trust us when we say you will leave 89Agave wanting more. We’ve got you covered! General Restaurant Manager, Jordan Rogers, compiled everything you need to know in order to replicate Apple Cider Infused Tequila at home.


What is the name of the infusion? Apple Cider 

What was your inspiration to create an Apple Cider Tequila infusion?
Apple Cider is a heartwarming treat in the late fall and makes for a perfect seasonal margarita. Apples are ripe for picking and the weather is getting cool. 

What is the infusion process?
This is a raw infusion, which means that the apple cider infused tequila does not require heat to release or alter flavors of its ingredients. This infusion is created with Baby Fuji Apple, Cinnamon, Clove, Persimmon, Organic Agave Nectar and Pure Agave Tequila. 

How long should the tequila be infused?
You will have to keep an eye on this infusion. The apples should be removed when they have lost their sugars to the infusion. The cloves may take a few days longer. Overall, I would say 5 days to a week.  

What type of tequila do you use for the infusion? Can you use different types of tequila and expect similar results?
Yes, different types of tequila will create different flavors. I selected Altos Blanco because it is a bit fuller in flavor due to the Tahona influence on the the fermentation. I will likely add a bit of 1800 Anejo to finish the process, to deepen the flavor of the infusion with caramel and play more into the Apple Cider familiarity we are going for with the infusion.

How does a different type of tequila change the taste?
A crisp low land tequila would add notes of pepper that we want to stay away from.

What do you need to watch out for/are there any limitations when infusing the tequila?
Fruits tend to loose their color through the infusion. It becomes unsightly. Also, they can start to run out of flavor and begin to infuse a bland taste if left unattended. The cinnamon and cloves can be overpowering if left in too long.

In which margaritas do you use this infused tequila?
We will use it in an apple margarita of some sort. I do not have the recipe yet, I need the infusion to know what to do next.

Do you recommend this infusion with a specific taste profile?
I always use lime and sweetener in a margarita, the rest is built to the tequila to achieve a nice balance and creative new flavor. As far as pairing it with food, it would be delicious with our Drunken Chicken – oven roasted bone-in chicken breast with tequila sauce, roasted tomato, tomatillo, spanish rice & chayote squash & a roasted jalapeño.

Can you use this infused tequila for shots?
Yes, this one makes an amazing shooter!

The Apple Cider infused tequila is a seasonal special and only offered for a limited time!