The Sedona Margarita: Giving Back to the Community

The Sedona Margarita: Giving Back to the Community

This year we added to our Signature Margarita line up: The Sedona Margarita

The Sedona Margarita takes a spin on the traditional lime margarita with ingredients commonly found in the Sedona area. The drink starts with 100% Agave Blanco Tequila, infused with Rosemary, gathered from the riparian area of Oak Creek, within the boundaries of L’Auberge de Sedona.

The Rosemary Tequila is shaken with ice, fresh lime juice, Cointreau and Manzanita sugar, made from freshly harvested Manzanita berries. The mix is then poured into a margarita glass, rimmed with house Mesquite Salt, and finish with a sprig of fresh Rosemary and a wedge of fresh lime.

These exciting combinations of flavors will be well received by both traditional margarita drinkers, as well as those looking for something a bit more unique. 89Agave is also excited to announce that $1 from the sale of each Sedona Margarita will be donated to a charitable account that will be used to support youth based needs in the Sedona community.

“Children are, ultimately, our greatest asset.” – General Restaurant Manager, Jordan Rogers

So far, proceeds from the Sedona Margarita have helped us raise money to donate to two local organizations:

  • $751 was donated to the Sedona Charter School to purchase Ipads
  • $1,050 was donated to the Sedona Public Library for “Keeping Kids Connected”

Stay tuned for donation updates!

Sedona Library Donation

Now, stop by 89Agave, enjoy a refreshing Sedona Margarita all the while supporting the Sedona community.