Meet the 89Agave Team: Izaak Ewell

Meet the 89Agave Team: Izaak Ewell

This month, we’re highlighting Izaak Ewell – our newly appointed Bar Manager who loves creating new, exciting margaritas for the 89Agave bar menu. Learn more about Izaak and his favorite Sedona selfie spot in our interview below, then stop by and congratulate him on his new position!

Name: Izaak Ewell

Position: Bar Manager

Favorite Color: Gray

How long in Sedona: Off and on my whole life

How long at 89Agave: About 6 months

Funny/most memorable story about 89Agave: I was trying to swat a bee with a wooden mallet and broke an infusion jar full of tequila. The tequila went all over the place in front of guests. It was one of the most embarrassing moments in my entire life, which I’m sure I’ll remember for years to come.

Guacamole or Salsa? Salsa for suuuure!

Margarita on the rocks or blended? On the rocks is the only way if you ask me!

What’s your favorite dish on the 89Agave menu that you could eat everyday? The Carne Asada Torta.

If you were going to eat just appetizers for a meal, what would they be? I usually get the sampler so I can try a little bit of everything!

What is your favorite Sedona hike? Soldiers Pass

After a long day hiking, what do you crave? (Beer/Tequila/Enchiladas) To be specific, I crave a Jalapeño Margarita and a Chimichanga .. haha!

What’s your favorite channel on TV? HBO

When you’re dining, would you rather sit at the bar or a table? I would prefer to sit at a nice quiet table with my family.

What’s your second favorite restaurant in Sedona? Indian Gardens.

Best place to watch the sunset? For me, the best place to watch the sunset is in my backyard with a beer in my hand.

Favorite creek access? It’s down at the end of Brewer Road.

What’s your favorite selfie-spot in Sedona? Definitely Tlaquepaque!